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Twilight May 25, 2009

Posted by Afrozy Ara in Book Reviews, Fantasy Fiction.
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twilight book cover

Many of us have ideas and imaginations, but being able to transform your illusions and dreams into believable fantasy is a rare gift. With her very first book , Stephenie Meyer has brilliantly captured her fantasies to create an enchanting saga of the Twilight series,through the character of seventeen year old Isabella “Bella” Swan.Twilight” is a unique book with a mesmerizing charm – it makes you turn the pages with expectant wonder, and reminds you of the sparkle and fascination in teenage love!.

Bella has just moved into the dull sunless town of Forks, Washington to stay with her father and continue her education. Right from her first day at the new school, she is unconditionally and irrevocably drawn to the excruciatingly handsome Edward Cullen. His perfection and beauty dazzle her, to the point that she begins to wonder if he is really human. And thus begins an unusual love story – made all the more unusual because Edward is actually a vampire!!

You get to see ingenuous high school chit chat, with many boys falling for Bella’s attractive looks – much to Edward’s vexation. Instinctively attracted to her, he courts Bella –  confused by his feelings for her, and whether his affection for her will really fit into the whole scheme of things. You actually end up feeling charmed by her vulnerability, and his fiercely protective attitude towards her. The idea of love transcending all borders is appealing, and of course – don’t we all love “love stories”?!

The romance is neither torrid nor sensual, but retains a sensitive and dream like hypnotic quality. It goes on like a fairy tale, until things suddenly take a sharp turn – changing this engaging romance to an exciting thriller. There are many breathtaking moments, and the author has been able to masterfully blend romance, adventure and suspense in one irresistible package.

The character of Edward as a forever-seventeen picture of perfection is designed to make hearts flutter, and the realization that he subconsciously thirsts for the blood of the girl he loves is an interesting theme for psychoanalysis. 😉

It sort of reminds me of something I read somewhere –

“It is impossible to love and be wise” – FRANCIS BACON

A link to the author’s website is here:  www.stepheniemeyer.co.uk


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